Building Autobiographical Memory

Which of your successes come to mind when you need to shore up your confidence? What fond memories do you recall when you are lonely? What would your world be like without your autobiographical memory?

Scientists have noted a deficit in autobiographical memory in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This deficit makes it hard for them to plan and predict in new situations and to reassure themselves when things are hard. A great way to help your child with ASD to store meaningful memories is to reminisce with a photo album of times you have shared. The strategy is to share with your child how you experienced the event. This is different from the quiz situation we often create for the child with ASD. When you share your meaningful impressions, they will be used as a model for your child to share his or her own experiences spontaneously.

To get a start on building autobiographical memories, print some good photos of the holidays and make a small album to share with your child.

To learn more about ASD and autobiographical memory, visit the following link at rdiconnect.

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