Develop Common Ground Autism Remediation

Family Experiences

  • Some of my clients have generously given their consent to share quotes from their RDI® journals. These entries are a small sampling of the types of successes we aim for and celebrate.
  • “Hello there, I only have a short time to reflect, but I wanted to pass this on to you before the moment has passed. [Our son] had a terrific birthday party. We had five children. There was no set agenda except for singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and opening presents, and even that was pretty lax. “The things I noticed this year [were] that I felt joy instead of sadness and disappointment.“…in the past, he would spend hours out there on his own. This time he would only play on [the trampoline] if someone else was participating, too. He wanted to SHARE the experience. He wanted Mom and Dad and his sister there to play WITH him—even his grandma!” -Mom from Austin. TX
  • “We’ve seen a HUGE surge in language and use of past tense. [Our son] has been talking about his day in the past tense (or using one- to two-word phrases to describe what happened today).” -Mom from Austin, TX

  • “When he left on the bus today, he watched me waving until the bus was out of sight. This has never happened before. He was referencing me:).”-Mom from Austin, TX
  • “He exited HEB very gracefully with no big meltdown or fight. He even helped me load the groceries and unload once we got home. He talked about HEB all the way home and during lunch, too.”-Mom from Austin, TX
  • We did the obstacle course using his new ball, walking on the couch, falling on the beanbag and then crawling through the tunnel. I helped at beginning and end and [Dad] did couch and beanbag chair. We went through it about six times, and [our son] really enjoyed himself and was probably more focused on having fun with us than I have seen him do with nearly anything. We were really excited about how well it went.” – Mom in Austin, TX
  • "His relationship with Emma is growing healthy now. When Emma cries, he looks stressed and comes over to try to wipe her face with his dirty hands.  I remember a year ago when Emma fell and had a cut/bleeding on her head, we were all freaking out; yet Jack was playing with his letters and didn't even realize what was happening.  Jack likes Emma to chase him now, and sees her as a little friend/companion. Today, we went out on a ride in his little Jeep. He was driving and was proud to take Emma in his "car" to the park. He kept asking her "Are you ready?" Later, when we ran into Amy, I asked Amy to ride with Jack. He looked concerned and looked me in the eyes and said : (what about) "Emma?"  I assured him that I'd hold Emma instead. Then he seemed fine and drove Amy home with his jeep." -Mom in Austin, TX